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Global brands:

  • Bols liqueurs (including Bols Vodka, Gin and Genevers). The Bols brand was founded in 1575 and is now distributed in 110 countries. The line of Bols liqueurs alone is composed of more than 38 different flavors, making it the most exemplary authority in the cocktail sector. One worldwide brand, millions of drinks.
  • Damrak Gin is the Original Amsterdam Gin, now available and popular in the USA and elsewhere in the world.
  • Galliano is an Italian liqueur well known within the cocktail world as essential ingredient for the creation of the legendary “Harvey Wallbanger” and “Hot Shot” cocktails.
  • Vaccari Sambuca is an Italian liqueur with an aniseed flavor, known in many drinking traditions – it can be thinned with water or can be drunk as a flambé, after chewing up two coffee beans!

A portfolio of Regional Brands, including Bols Brandy, Pisang Ambon, Bokma, Hartevelt, Coebergh and a large group of Dutch genevers and liqueurs.

  • Bokma: leader in the field of Dutch genevers, originally from Leeuwarden. It is a grain genever of high quality, with 35 percent alcohol and is drunk a lot within the male target group.
  • Bootz: a versatile range of strong drinks and liqueurs, much used by both bartenders and consumers because of the endless variety of cocktails and drinks to be produced.
  • Claeryn: known for its extraordinary juniper berry taste. This exceptional young genever comes in a stylish and unique bottle with a beautiful curve.
  • Coebergh: the number one liqueur in the Netherlands and the largest drink brand for women. This red fruity drink is available in two varieties: Coebergh Classic, with a blackberry taste, and Coebergh Red, with a cranberry taste.
  • Els La Vera: this traditional strong herb bitter originates from Limburg and is very popular, particularly in the southern parts of the Netherlands.
  • Evita: an aromatic, rich coffee liqueur prepared with the highest quality coffee beans from Columbia.
  • Goldstrike: a popular shooter with cinnamon flavor and 24-carat gold snippets and an individual drinking method: “Shake, Shoot and Strike”.
  • Hartevelt: the number one brand for strong drink and young genever in the Netherlands. Hartevelt is extremely popular and is well known as the ‘no-nonsense’ brand.
  • Hoppe: a young genever, known as a classic drink from Amsterdam.
  • Kontiki: a liqueur based on gin with a fresh citrus and grapefruit flavor.
  • Parade: an old brand in the Netherlands, that offers value for money, and is used for mixing.
  • Pisang Ambon: Pisang Ambon is a lively, green liqueur with banana flavour that is much used in many cocktails.
  • Zwarte Kip: a thick and creamy advocaat liqueur, made with free range eggs, and very popular in the Netherlands.